Agent - Distributor


C.C.E......also sealings around glass doors

Cooperation is our motto

Functional and high-quality

Dropdown seals from CCE

o.a. BIGUMA hot joint filling and cold asfalt

DGA = competentie around Bitumen ( Asphalt )

Cooperation is our motto

Viaduct - very thin epoxy resin for a watertight sealing

Tool bags and bins



Beaufort-Sealants is a commercial agent and wholesaler for foreign manufactures. We have thorough knowledge of:
• Automatic dropseals and thresholds.
• Asphalt. ( Bitumen )
• Technical self-adhesive tapes.

A thorough quality inspection guarantees that products meets the highest requirements in every field.
From our facility we export to countries within and outside Europe.

As agent we are active for:
C.C.E. – Italy.
DGA – Germany.
Viaduct – Germany

As agent we are able to offer extra service by providing supplies from our warehouse.